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Pele, a superstar of Brazilian football who is 82 years old, was admitted to the hospital once again on Wednesday, although there is no indication that his condition is critical, according to his daughter.

Pele, a legendary player for Brazil’s national football team, is now fighting cancer. This veteran, who is 82 years old and has been diagnosed with a ‘tumour,’ has been admitted to a hospital in Sao Paulo for medical purposes. This information was relayed to him by his daughter on Wednesday. Kelly Nascimento, daughter of Pele, said that there is no immediate concern over the health of her father, who is 82 years old. This was said in an Instagram post by Nascimento, who resides in the United States.

Pele is a great athlete and a cultural icon who was so dominant in soccer that he was dubbed “King of Football” during his playing days. His legacy as the game’s greatest player continues to this day, with acclaim from football fans, critics, experts, and active and former players alike. Over the course of 1363 games, he scored 1281 goals thanks to his flawless technique, exciting play, and excellent performance. It was his deep entrenched love for the game and aptitude for scoring amazing goals that made him a celebrity throughout the globe. He was noted for his outstanding heading abilities, strong shot and unbowed goal scoring. As a member of the Brazilian national team and a pivotal cog for the Santos club, he was always counted on to have a significant impact. Since his first professional game, he has always given his all on the field and performed like a seasoned veteran. In a career that extended little over two decades, he produced performances that seemed impossible to defeat, greatly increasing the sport’s appeal. Other from his outstanding showmanship on the field, Pele is considered as the perfect humanitarian as well, because he has raised his voice to increase the living standard and social circumstances of the underprivileged, a number of times. In his active years, he established countless records, some of which till now remain unbroken and unchanged. Keep reading to learn more about this well-known soccer player.

Pele Biography

Real NameEdson Arantes do Nascimento
Nick NamePele
Date of Birth23 October 1940
Born InMinas Gerais, Brazil
ResidenceMinas Gerais, Brazil
Age82 Years
Birthday23 October
OccupationBrazilian former professional footballer
Height5 ft 8 in (173 cm)
Weight150 lb (67 kg)
Zodiac SignAquarius
SpouseMarcia Aoki (2016),
Assíria Nascimento (1994-2008),
Rosemeri dos Reis Cholbi (1966-1982)
ChildrenCeleste Nascimento, Edson Cholbi Nascimento, Flávia Christina Kurtz Nascimento, Jennifer Nascimento, Joshua Nascimento, Kelly Cristina Nascimento, Sandra Regina Arantes Do Nascimento
MotherDona Celeste Arantes

Pele Early life

  • Pele’s parents chose to honour the famed American inventor and scientist Thomas Edison by giving him the name Thomas, but they omitted the i.
  • When he was, he became known by the name that is recited by a large number of people. A youngster was given this nickname as a form of teasing due to the fact that he once pronounced the name of a goalie incorrectly (‘Bile’). He used to have a strong aversion to bearing this name.
  • While Pele was growing up in Sao Paulo, he experienced times of financial hardship.
  • Pele learned what he knows today from his father, who was a football player in his younger days. They were unable to purchase a football, so instead, they would play with socks that had been packed with paper.
  • Pele also had a job as a server at a number of the area’s tea cafes.
  • Pele began his playing career as a kid in several indoor divisions until ultimately being signed by Santos FC at the age of 15 years old.
  • The renowned player had already established himself as the leading scorer in the Brazilian league by the age of 16 years old.
  • Pele had a phone call from the Brazilian national team waiting for him.
  • Pele was prevented from signing with international teams like Manchester United because the President of Brazil labelled him a national treasure.

Pele Career

  • Pele went on to score more than 1,000 goals in his professional football career during the period of his playing career.
  • Pele scored the amazing 1000th goal of his career on November 19, 1969 at the Vasco da Gama stadium at Rio de Janeiro’s Maracana stadium.
  • Pele’s strike rate in international competition is considered to be one of the best of all time.
  • Pele finished his career and retired in 1977 after he guided the New York Cosmos to within one game of winning the United States championship.

Pele Personal life

  • Pele, a famous Brazilian football player, has three wives and a large brood of children. He has also been married three times.
  • Pele was the subject of an investigation by the authoritarian Brazilian government in the 1970s due to the assumption that he sympathised with left-wing political detainees. The investigation began as a result of this suspicion.
  • After he retired from playing, Pele went on to become a fantastic advocate for the sport of football as well as sports in general.
  • In 1992, the United Nations General Assembly selected Pelé to serve as an ambassador for ecology and the environment.
  • In addition to this honour, Pele will serve as a goodwill ambassador for UNESCO.

Pele is undergoing chemotherapy

The Associated Press reached out to Pele and Albert Einstein Hospital for comment but did not get a response from either of their respective spokespeople. The so-called “colon tumour” that Pele had was successfully treated in September of 2021. After the removal of his tumour, the medical facility had said that he would begin “chemotherapy” soon after. In addition, Pele visits the clinic on a regular basis in order to get checkups.

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