Avatar: The Way of Water Domestic Box Office $150 million

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With less than a month until its major debut, anticipation for Avatar: The Way of Water is growing daily. Additionally, its box office estimates support this. The planned movie is a follow-up to James Cameron’s critically acclaimed blockbuster from 2009.

The first instalment was such a smash blockbuster that it broke the record for highest grossing film ever. Thanks to the re-release, its total revenue is only a few hundred million dollars away from reaching $3 billion. As a result, there are high expectations for the sequel, and it will be a miracle if it surpasses the box office success of the first film.

Relating to Avatar: The Way of Water’s box office expectations, the most recent sources indicate that they have grown since the previous prediction. We already know that the movie is expected to open to double the revenue of the prequel, which brought in $77 million.

According to earlier reports, Avatar: The Way of Water would debut to more over $135 million domestically. The James Cameron-directed movie will now start between $150 million and $170 million, according to The Hollywood Reporter. But according to some pundits, the forthcoming movie might be the fourth December release to surpass the $200 million opening weekend barrier.

The movie’s upcoming release in China was also just made known. It will be one of the biggest marketplaces in the globe where the third Hollywood movie of 2022 will be released. On its entire box office, that will unquestionably have a significant effect.

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