Pete Davidson and Emily Rajatkowski Have Been Dating Since the Notorious Split of Brad Pitt and Kim Kardashian?

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The romance between Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian generated a lot of attention among their followers, and the news of their split spread quickly online. It was recently alleged that Pete Davidson has been seeing Emily Ratajkowski, despite recent reports claiming that the pair have moved on in their individual lives.

After dating for over ten months, Kim and Pete broke up. On the other hand, there were prior rumours of a romance between Emily and Brad Pitt. Emily later denied the rumours, saying that she was unmarried for the first time in her life and that she was relishing the freedom from worrying excessively about how people regarded her.

According to recent reports, Pete Davidson and model Emily Ratajkowski have been dating and are supposedly just beginning their relationship. The two have been speaking for a few months, according to a source who spoke to US Weekly, and they reportedly like each other. Additionally, it was said that a mutual friend matched up Emily and Pete, and it was even said that Pete enjoys making Emily laugh and respects her intelligence.

With the other side, it was said that Pete Davidson was still fixated on Kim Kardashian shortly after he and Kim Kardashian’s breakup. According to a source who spoke to US Sun, they both maintained contact after their split. Kim was said to have started their chats while both of them were hot and cold.

According to the insider, Pete is still totally fixated on Kim. Pete is still in contact with her, but she has declined all of his invitations to hang out. There has been communication, and Kim is the one who texts him most frequently. She is constantly sending messages and sending images. Pete must be struggling because she seems to be on and off; she doesn’t want to keep him waiting, but she also can’t be with him right now. Everyone is under the impression that’s what caused his meltdown last week. He was sympathetic when Kim cancelled off their date a few months ago because he believed she was her present stresses with the kids, the distance, Kanye, and her hectic schedule.

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