In New York City, Frankie Grande was attacked and robbed

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According to reports, Frankie Grande was “attacked and robbed” last week in New York City.

The older brother of pop sensation Ariana Grande and a former “Celebrity Big Brother” contestant, the victim was allegedly hit in the back of the head by two adolescent assailants who then snatched his backpack during a brutal mugging in Manhattan.

The 39-year-old social media influencer was reportedly walking down the street when she came into contact with the couple, according to TMZ.

When they attempted to use his stolen credit card at a tobacco shop, the 13 and 17-year-old attackers were arrested and charged with assault, robbery, and grand larceny.

Nearly five months have passed since the stalker who targeted Ariana on her birthday broke into her home.

The singer of “Thank U, Next” wasn’t at her Montecito, California, residence in June when Aharon Brown allegedly broke the terms of his restraining order by breaking in and setting off security alarms.

After police arrived at the residence and apprehended the man, he was charged with obstruction, stalking, burglary, destroying electricity lines, and damage property.

He entered a not guilty plea to the charges and was taken into custody.

Following Brown’s arrest at Ariana’s home in September of last year after he allegedly threatened to kill her with a huge hunting knife, a judge issued a restraining order barring him from being anywhere near the celebrity.

He was meant to give himself in, but it was claimed that by trying to find Ariana and approaching her he had disobeyed the order.

The ‘7 Rings’ singer recently acknowledged that Brown’s obsessive behaviour had her “terrified.”

A police officer also submitted an affidavit noting that he believed the restraining order was necessary because he was concerned the alleged stalker would be let out of custody.

When Brown showed up at the property carrying a knife, Ariana was there.

He is alleged to have yelled, “I’ll f****** murder you and her,” at her security.

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