Halloween festivities in Seoul 150 die in crowd

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A stampede broke out as a crowd gathered at a night Halloween event on Saturday night, October 29, in Itawan, near the South Korean capital, Seoul. It is being told by the people that there were film and TV stars who had come to see them, there was a lot of crowd on Halloween and on seeing the crowd became uncontrollable, there was a stampede and a Halloween accident happened. According to the information, the death toll in the Halloween stampede has increased to 151, while the number of injured in the same accident is more than 150. According to media reports, two people who died so far and 15 foreigners were among the injured. It is being told that among the people who have been victims of this, the number of people aged 20 is being told the highest. People in the age group of 20 years have been affected the most in this accident.

A local policeman says that a packed Halloween celebration was taking place in Seoul, when the crowd was overcrowded, causing a stampede, in which many people were injured and killed. He further told that this was the first time after the Corona period, when such a large number of crowd gathered on Halloween. According to media reports, there were reports of many celebrities coming to the Hamilton Hotel to celebrate the Halloween event. More crowds reached a narrow street to see the celebrity. The Seoul Metropolitan Administration urged local people to return to their homes. South Korean President Eun Suk Yeol has also instructed to treat the injured.

The head of Seoul’s Yongsan fire department said that more than 1.25 million people are expected to participate in the Halloween celebration, so the death toll could be even higher and the condition of many of the injured is still said to be critical. . 74 dead bodies that died in this have been sent to hospitals, while the rest of the dead bodies were kept on the streets. After the incident, more than 400 emergency personnel and 140 vehicles have been deployed on the roads to treat the injured.

The president has called an emergency meeting over the deadly stampede in Seoul’s Itawan district. And it has been said that in this matter, the district’s disaster management team has been directed to be sent for help. According to the fire department, there was a lot of stampede after this incident which happened during the Halloween party. At least 80 people had complained of breathlessness. According to local media reports, the top priority is to take the patients to the hospital and save them and provide immediate medical care to the affected people. It has been told. People coming to the Halloween event were standing on a narrow street. Then suddenly a stampede situation arose there. An official of the National Fire Agency said that the number of people who died of heart attacks in Itawan Leisure district is not clear, but there are dozens of such people.

Police officials say that many people have been given CPR on the streets of Itawan while many others were admitted to nearby hospitals. South Korea’s president has called for immediate treatment to the victims and checking the security of crowded places. The officials there are still engaged in investigating the exact cause of the accident.

It is being told by many people that emergency forces were sent immediately after the crowd increased, even after which such fatal results came to the fore. to such a situation  To further control, firefighters and police officers have also reached the Itawan area of ​​Seoul.

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