FIFA World Cup 2022 : Qatar vs Ecuador Match fixed claims

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Even before a ball has been kicked, the World Cup has drama. FIFA has been made aware of match-fixing concerns after rumours spread on social media that Qatar was paying Ecuador to toss the opening game. After hearing rumours that Qatar paid USD 7.4 million to bribe eight Ecuadorian players, the country promptly lost the opening game to Ecuador by a score of 1-0. According to the report, the winning goal won’t come until the second half. Amjad Taha, regional director of the British Center for Middle East Studies, is the one who provided this information. As Taha put it on Twitter: “Eight Ecuadorian players were reportedly compensated $7.4 million by Qatar to lose the first game (1-0 in the second half). Five well-placed Qatari and #Ecadour sources have vouched for this. Our best guess is that it’s not true. We’re hoping that by going public, we can change things. There needs to be a global movement against FIFA corruption.”

There has been a string of embarrassing incidents for the host country, and it remains to be seen whether these claims aretrue. A lot of people are upset that FIFA gave Qatar the chance to host the World Cup despite the country’s human rights record. It has been reported that numerous migrant workers have died while constructing the various World Cup stadiums, and that Qatari attitudes towards the rights of the LGBTQ+ community are not welcoming. Human rights breaches have not gone ignored, as seen by the widespread boycott of this year’s World Cup and the refusal of artist Dua Lipa to perform at the opening ceremony. Sunday at Al Bayt Stadium in Al Khor, Qatar and Ecuador will play in the opening match of the first World Cup held in the Middle East. The game will start at 9:30 pm IST and can be seen on Sports 18 and Sports 18 HD on TV, as well as on the Jiocinema streaming service.  Qatar Bribe Ecuador, Qatar Paying Ecuador, Qatar Vs Ecuador Bribe, Qatar Bribe, Fifa World Cup Qatar 2022, World Cup Opening Ceremony, Fifa World Cup Ceremony 2022, Fifa World Cup Ceremony 2022, Qatar vs Ecuador Match fixed claims

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