American comedian Jay Leno was hurt by a gasoline fire

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Popular American television host and comedian Jay Leno was seriously burned by a gasoline fire in a frightening incident. The former host of The Tonight Show confirmed the information to Variety. Thankfully, he is in stable condition. “A gasoline fire caused quite significant burns to me. I am ok. Lenon stated in a statement that he only needs a week or two to get back on his feet. According to a story from TMZ, Leno was taken to the hospital on Sunday when a fire broke out in his Los Angeles garage. One of the cars apparently caught on fire, leaving the host with burn wounds to his face. Leno was afterwards transferred to the Grossman Burn Center for treatment of his wounds.

Leno’s health was initially covered by People’s magazine. On Sunday, Leno was slated to attend the finance conference in Las Vegas. Leno, according to the magazine, had to abandon the plan because of a “severe medical situation.” Leno’s facial injuries were not made public at the time. “His family was not able to provide us with many many information, but there was a very significant medical situation that is preventing Jay from travelling,” states a message sent to conference attendees. Our thoughts are sent to him and his family tonight because all we know is that he is alive. Since the comedian has made a point of having high cholesterol, when word of his “severe medical emergency” surfaced online, it alarmed supporters. Fans conjectured that Leno’s cholesterol readings were revealed in a health update. In the meanwhile, Leno took over as host of NBC’s “The Tonight Show” after Johnny Carson. In addition to “The Tonight Show,” Jay Leno debuted his own series, “Jay Leno’s Garage,” in 2015.

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