According to Margot Robbie, Disney has scrapped the Pirates of the Caribbean spin-off

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Margot Robbie, an Australian star, said that Disney had terminated her “Pirates of the Caribbean” project. She stated in an interview that the group has been experimenting with the idea of having more stories with female protagonists. Disney, on the other hand, seems to have other ideas. Disney has cancelled the Pirates of the Caribbean film with a female lead. According to sources from 2020, Disney was considering Robbie’s Pirates and a second adaptation of the Ted Elliott and Craig Mazin television series. The concepts for both movies were being developed at the same time by Jerry Bruckheimer, the man behind every Pirates of the Caribbean movie.

The new Pirates movie with a female lead would have been scripted by screenwriter Christina Hodson. This would have been a substantial departure from the drawn-out franchise rebirth that was first reported in 2019. The normal switching between scenes and people was not present. The goal was to tell a unique tale through many characters’ and viewpoints’ angles.

In a different interview, Bruckheimer disclosed that both the original and the revised versions of the movies were now in production. She also provided an update on Johnny Depp’s absence from the Pirates series’ development.

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