A stylish X Convertible concept EV is unveiled by Genesis

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With an EV that builds on the previous Genesis X and X Speedium Coupe vehicles, Genesis has introduced the X Convertible concept. Its folding hardtop roof and usage of what Genesis calls a “anti-wedge parabolic” design are supposed to evoke “design purity,” and it shares the same architecture and electric drivetrain with other vehicles.

A more understated design with smoother, longer lines has taken the place of the extra-bulky fenders and aggressive front end. The short front overhang that gives it a projecting snout emphasises its length even further. Both the double taillights and the triangular headlights from the X Speedium are present. The integrated moonroof in the hardtop roof allows drivers to see the stars even when the roof is closed.

The dashboard screen curves across and down toward the right armrest, giving the interior a look that is quite similar to the prior two concepts. The interior’s Giwa Navy and Dancheong Orange colours were “influenced in part by traditional Korean roof design,” according to Genesis, and it employs recyclable wool textiles and leather seats.

The battery and drivetrain are still mysteries to us. But using the E-GMP platform used in the Hyundai Ioniq 5 and the Kia EV6 would make sense. In order to meet the demands of purchasers of premium vehicles, Genesis might then increase the power and battery capacity.

According to Genesis, the X Convertible is a “beacon for the brand” and is likely to serve as an inspiration for future designs. Although it won’t probably ever be constructed in this manner, the business wants to demonstrate customers what is feasible. We must take advantage of this chance to give the brand greater vigour, it told TechCrunch. “Genesis will show the exact opposite if someone thinks electric cars can’t be sexy.”

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